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Pangration translates to all powers fighting. Pangration was developed in ancient Greece and is the oldest martial art form in history. In this “original” ultimate fighting contest, gladiators would use their skill in hand-to-hand combat. Pangration was the primary training for the Spartans and all Greek warriors.

The aim of the course is to develop ability in Greek language, knowledge of history and contact with the athletic ideal where through the most important arena of life, the arena of morality, will help children remain moral and virtuous.

Pangration Academy Facts:

01. The oldest martial art form in history, first documented in the first olympic games
02. “Original” ultimate fighting contest
03. Used by Alexander the Great's army in his quest for India in 323 b.c.
04. Primary training regime for the Spartans and all Hellene warriors
05. Used as a core physical training by United States Marine Corps