Q. Can I register online?
A. Not yet. Registrations are in-person only. You may e-mail us, call us or attend one of our Registration dates at the School.
Q. We are not Greek but my child wants to learn the language. Can he/ she attend?
A. Yes. The Program is open to everyone who is interested in learning the Greek language, or to attend any of our educational after-school programs.
Q. How will be my child evaluated?  What level class would she/he attend? 
A. All the children that enroll in our language program are assessed by the principal, Mrs. Varsami on two factors before being placed in a class. Each child is assessed on proficiency and maturity and together with the child figure out the best placement strategy.
Q. Can I try a class, trial class before committing for the semester/year?
A. Yes. Interested students are encouraged to enter the classroom to experience and decide for themselves whether they wish to enroll or not.